What do we do

  • Introductory Talks for anyone in business who is curious and open to the idea of transforming the way we think and behave in the workplace. Speakers provide an introduction to new ideas that can then be experienced in workshops. Check out ‘Past Speakers’.
  • Workshops for individuals – with active participation making it possible to experience the inner and outer change leading to transformation, that can be brought about by putting the ideas from the Talks into practice. Check out ‘Past Speakers’.
  • Networking opportunities amongst like minded leaders through ConneXions by ConsciousLab, debates and discussions facilitated by experts in transformation.
  • Tailored workshops for organizations facilitated by experts.
  • Overseas community visitsto provide an opportunity to challenge self in an unfamiliar environment. Join a small group of like minded individuals, leaders in business who purposely challenge the norm, are visionary and curious to explore new paradigms in management and transformational thinking and ‘being’. Ready for a personal adventure? Check for Upcoming visit to Puducherry, South India from 7th – 14th December 2013.
  • Future projects:
    · Online resource
    · Conferences

ConsciousLab does not prescribe or subscribe to any one school of management thought. It is a platform that is open to all. In fact, we believe that the diversity of thinking will help us to evolve and grow.