Story Behind The Story

Why ConsciousLab – The story behind story by Claudia Roth, Co-founder:

It was a summer’s day in London in 2012. I am working for The Leading Hotels of the World (which represents over 430 of the finest hotels, resorts and spas in 80 countries. Pure luxury!) as Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa travelling constantly at that time (hugely interesting!). I make my way into London for some business meetings, rushing around to ensure I am on time given the ever so intense London traffic and the unusual hot weather on that day. I made it in time for an important appointment! Leaving the mad rush behind, I am focusing on my client and the meeting. I prepared different data ready to explore new revenue opportunities – after all that’s quite rightly what my clients expect from me.

After 9 years in this position, I know many of my clients well. I like to start such review meetings with a brief ‘catch up’. I am fascinated and interested by how life is developing for my clients both personally and professionally. As a ‘friendly’ conversation, my client – SubhashThaker, Vice President Sales & Marketing (UK & Europe) for Taj Hotels, India’s foremost hotel group (you may know the Taj Mahal in Bombay)shares his involvement in a major fund raising initiative for a good cause and how all is working out amazingly well despite no prior experience in the field of fund raising (a lot of evening and weekend work so I understand!).

I am inspired by our conversation.

We subsequently shift into business discussions: One thought leads to another thought as we debate the challenges businesses are facing in an ever changing environment and how we can capture such changes and developments and turn these into revenue opportunities for both our companies. We both agree that the ‘normal’ way of doing business, – some more initiatives here and there, cutting some more budgets here and there, another e-mail push etc. — is no longer the key to business success. Forward thinking leaders acknowledge the need for a ‘deeper’ change. Such change and transformation starts with individuals i.e. with long established, successful leaders (- we both included!). We need to access different thinking: As leaders we are very used to following our habitual thinking. This is no longer the only productive approach. Instead, it is about creating a change in ‘being’ leaving old, long established belief systems and success patterns behind to challenge our ‘norm’, our so cherished comfort zone in order to evolve and remain relevant in ever changing times we live in.

The idea of organizing a Talk for business leaders in London was born:

‘Management by transcending the mental barrier - a myth to the western business world or the next evolution in management?’ We are joined by Vijaybhai Poddar, Chairman of The Sarvam Trust and Sri Aurobindo Society visiting London from Pondicherry, South India.

If interested, listen to the Talk here

Honesty, we are skeptical whether anybody would want to join such a Talk given the title (as leaders we know that such a title for the western business community is not quite ‘normal’)! Subhash and myself are ready to ‘challenge the norm’.

From those humble beginnings and through the encouraging interest and engagement we receive from many business leaders, —  ConsciousLab a platform to raise consciousness in business for leaders by leaders was formed.

The founding members dedicate their time voluntarily to this cause.Want to learn more about the founding members, please click here . There is no personal gain other than following our personal mission to evolve ‘beyond mental barriers’ and share with anybody who is ready to step ‘beyond the habitual thinking’.

We are committed to sustaining and growing this initiative through your support and engagement.

We wish to acknowledge those partners, advisors and contributors for their time and invaluable input and guidance on a path ‘not travelled yet’ in business.

You want to get engaged or to become a sponsor, please click here

 Why the name ConsciousLab:

The name ConsciousLab is derived from the words Consciousness and Laboratory, as it aims to provide a space to experience and experiment with consciousness. The spelling with a capital “C” and a capital “L” helps to maintain the link to this origin. The strap line “Raising Consciousness in Business” identifies business environments as the focus area and target audience. ConsciousLab is a platform for leaders by leaders.The logo uses round letters symbolizing ease and the smooth flow experienced in state of consciousness or presence. The colors stand for Consciousness (=orange) and Laboratory (=grey) respectively, whereby they are deliberately used in an counter-intuitive way to emphasize the underlying connection and unity of everything. The strap line is in the same grey color as the word consciousness in order to minimize the total number of colors used for ease of visual perception. With this color coding, the Orange – representing Consciousness – gets a prominent position as an eye catcher and it culminates on the right hand side, representing the typical transformation direction from left to right.