Topic : Management by Transcending the Mental Barriers

Date: September 19th, 2012
Speaker : Mr.Vijay Poddar, Member Executive, Sri Aurobindo Society
Location : London
Archive : Sound Cloud

Summary :
In an ever changing and complex business environment, it has become ever more challenging to find new, creative ways to produce sustainable business results. Executives are often challenged by the magnitude of change and uncertainties whilst under pressure to produce results. In many instances, businesses have reached a ‘peak’ of what is possible. We as leaders recognise that incremental changes and improvements no longer lead to desired breakthrough performance to transform business and remain relevant.

This evening was dedicated to a selection of thought leaders and senior executives who purposely challenge the norm and are visionary and curious to explore a paradigm shift in management. The objective of the evening was to question our current management approach and seek to experiment with an alternative approach which can provide lasting solutions.